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Terms & Conditions of Hire

  • Maximum hire of 7 or 14 days unless otherwise stated (if an account customer 28 or 56 days).
  • No batteries, fridges, freezers, tyres, liquid (i.e. paint), gas bottles, tv’s/monitors, food waste, asbestos, plasterboard/gypsum products, faeces, medical items such as sharps/needles, fire extinguishers or fluorescent tubes. If unauthorised waste is found the relevant charges will be applied.
  • We do not accept full loads of carpets or carpet tiles, underlay, roofing felt, Mattress’s or loft insulation.
  • No Asbestos. If unauthorised Asbestos is found in your skip, a minimum handling charge of £250 (Exc VAT) will be made to the hirer.
  • Do not re-site the skip.
  • The company does not accept any responsibility for any damage caused whilst our vehicle if off the highway by request of the hirer.
  • No Plasterboard allowed in these skips. Please ring the office if they have any plasterboard to dispose of and we can help.
  • Load to fill level only, dangerously loaded or over loaded skips will not be removed and will attract a wasted journey charge.
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