Recycling Waste

Step 1

All the waste we receive is tipped at our fully licenced waste transfer station on the outskirts of Norwich. If required your waste will be weighed on our fully calibrated weighbridge upon return to our waste transfer station.

Step 2

The waste will then be tipped into 1 of 4 initial pre sorting bays where one of our experienced excavator operators will remove any of the bulky items including sofa’s, mattresses, doors, large items of metal and wood.

Step 3

The waste will be loaded into a hopper where it will travel up a conveyor and over a flip flow screen which removes any sub 50mm material. The next stage involves segregating the waste into different categories.

Step 4

Once all of the recyclable material has been removed the remainder of waste which is un-recyclable is then shredded to – 100mm and awaits collection for further processing.

Cardboard & Paper

100% of all cardboard and paper that enters our recycling centre is recycled. Once this material has been segregated it is baled and sent to the paper mill where they further the recycling process. If you produce large amounts of cardboard and paper we can offer various types of collection services, depending on the amount and quality of the material we may be able to offer rebates in some cases.


LDPE film can be graded in several categories depending on the colour and quality. 100% of film we receive is recycled; this can include black agricultural film, construction film, carrier bags & packaging. This material is baled and depending on the market either sent for export or kept in the U.K. If you produce large quantities of film give our sales team a call to see what we can offer.

Wood & green waste

100% of all wood & green waste we receive is recycled, once segregated our wood is shredded. It is then collected in articulated bulker trailers where it will be taken to be processed into a variety of new products.


We ensure all metal that enters our recycling centre is recycled, we have 3 grab handlers which remove the larger metal contents and one of our 3 different magnet systems collects the remainders. If you have large quantities of metal waste to dispose of we can offer on-site collections or why not visit our recycling centre. We have a fully operational weighbridge where your contents will be weighed and the appropriate rebate given.

PVC windows

If you are looking for an outlet for you PVC windows then give Pips Skips a call. We can accept all white PVC window frames, we will even remove the glass frames and recycle them for you too.

We can recycle the following waste types:

  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Wood
  • Greenwaste
  • Wire
  • Aluminium
  • 1 tonne bags (Jewson bags/hippo bags/builders bags)
  • Tyres
  • Plastic barriers
  • Plastic car bumpers

At Pips Skips we recycle with great passion, our desire to divert waste from landfill is second to none.

We are currently recycling 93% of all wastes that enter our recycling centre and are constantly working hard to better ourselves. Waste recycling is a priority at Pips Skips and we are proud to set ourselves such high recycling rates, we have proven our commitment to waste recycling throughout the years by continually investing in the latest in recycling technology. Use our services and let Pips skips manage your waste, helping you to do your part for the environment.